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September 23, 2013

Tales from the loo . . . Some of the most peculiar things happen to me when I’m in the bathroom.

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In today’s story we see our heroine on yet another expedition in search of medication to help her cold symptoms. Bravely but cautiously we see her walking into a darkened room. There is a sense of moisture in the air. The darkness and moisture are overwhelming and she searches for a source of light. Alas, a light switch!! She readily recognizes it as some sort of lavatory. The moisture is easily explained by the trickles of water dancing down the walls as if in a race to see who will make it to the drain first. Also evident is the damp fabric flippantly tossed on the floor most likely left behind by someone enjoying the shower of water from the waterfall. Now. able to inspect this room clearly. she walks towards the sink and notices a mirrored box mysteriously mounted to the wall. “Hmm . . ” she thinks, “I wonder if there is an antidote inside this box to help me recover from… my cold?” Glancing down she notices a small electric device that was unplugged from its receptacle. “I believe this was disconnected purposely!” Leary that she may not be alone in this region she plugs in what she now discovers as a small light. She turns back to the mirrored box and once again prepares to examine the box closely when she is suddenly startled by the sentry who undoubtedly was stationed there to deliberately deter any explorers or pirates also in search of antidotes or potions. Those items will reward quite a bounty to be sure. Staying calm our heroine gently removes the sentry, using his own suspension line so as not to be injured. Thinking that her prisoner could alert others there was only one choice to make to ensure her safety. She notices the waterfall mere steps away from the mirrored box. Moving quickly she dangles the prisoner over to the waterfall. Frantically, he begins climbing his suspension line but he is no match for the mighty waters that crash below. Bravely he submits himself to his watery grave, dying a proud death. Grateful that she averted certain torture she moves back over to the mirrored box. It was strangely enticing, so shiney and bright. It was certainly a treasure that would be behold much admiration. As she reaches for it she hears a click and notices that it’s not just a box but a container filled with various medicines and ointments! Confident that no one else would discover her find she quickly locates the medication she needs to cure her cold and quietly closes the secret door. As she withdraws from this area our heroine feels a sense of accomplishment and relief once again averting sure danger. Now all she needs plenty of rest for her next expedition!

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