Surviving Life's Lessons

July 7, 2013

Our Purpose

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From the second we’re born we are swept into this whirlwind called life.  Within this constant swirling of the winds resides our life’s purpose imbedded somewhere in the paths we follow.  These winds contain a chain of events in our lives; happy, proud, exciting times are paired with scared, sad and helpless times.  The frustration of not being able to prevent tragedies or sickness can consume our lives blurring reality and the lives we are meant to live.  No explanation is ever provided for the loss and sorrow in our hearts.  The breeze simply continues to move us down our paths leaving us with the pieces of our broken lives to pick up along the way.  By no choice of our own, our lives continue to move us along these paths that were planned for us before we were born.  The cycle continues, the breeze moves us along for we still have more paths to follow.   There will be more sorrow and pain but there will also be time for rejoicing.  Our families and friends have helped us so much and through them we have learned to pay it forward, comforting those who are saddened, scared or sick, helping mend broken hearts while all along learning more about ourselves.  We are all perfect in God’s world; we all shine brightly and bring joy and comfort to many.  Because of this we can all embrace each other and recognize that we are not just acquaintances, distant friends or buddies.  We are the gifts that God has given to each other to help us along our paths, picking up our pieces with us and reminding us that while we briefly crossed paths, if only for a moment it was for a purpose.

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