Surviving Life's Lessons

December 30, 2012

2012 Reflections

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The beginning of 2012 showed so much potential of beginning to live healthy and happy with Dave getting healthier and stronger; then he didn’t.  Very quickly his condition worsened and after 2 months of suffering and fear of the inevitable our lives changed forever. Now, learning to navigate while I now sit in the pilot’s seat, it is up to me to make sure our daughters’ lives are full of the fulfillment, wonder, health and happiness that Dave and I promised we would give them when we exchanged our wedding vows.  As we agreed, our girls are being raised with a Catholic upbringing, charity in their hearts and compassion for their neighbor.   They are good girls and I thank God for giving me 2 such precious gifts and entrusting me to teach them His word through our daily lives.  Although sometimes I think God trusts me a little too much, but if He thinks I can do it I guess I can do it.

During this year a lot of physical changes took place around our home, several desperately needed home repairs were made as well as cosmetic changes that helped make our home not only much safer but as comfortable and welcoming as Dave and I dreamt it would be.  Looking around at the changes made that all 3 of us negotiated I see so many things that inspire us, calm, and comfort us. Dave would be very pleased with the results as these changes were made with him in mind during the entire renovation. We made a home that he would feel so proud to show his friends and family and celebrate our lives and those of our loved ones within our four walls.

Though as I reflect on the activities of this year and the changes to our home one thought stands out in my mind.  It is one that Dave’s sister has been telling me for years, in fact, so many of our friends from our former workplace would tell me the same thing; Dave was always proud of our family and our home.  The paint and decorations don’t make it a home but the love and pride inside do.  His love for us is felt in every room of this house with the memories of our laughter and his devilish pranks swirling in our minds. I smile reflecting on these memories in each room, as each corner you turned opens a new memory, experience, giggle, or hug and snuggle.

As the end of this year relieves us of all the pain, confusion, questions, sadness and sorrow that each of us suffered I am grateful that my girls and I have such a large loving family that will set aside their lives to help us over the bumpy times, dry our tears and make us smile.

For those of you who had a celebrant year I congratulate you and wish you all the best for your family.  For those of you whose pain and sorrow and sadness are just at the threshold, I can only promise to you that it WILL get easier and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  I have learned this from many, many of my dearest friends and family who have carried us through this most difficult year in our lives.   I learned this  through the beautiful people who took time out of their days to comfort me, cry with me, cheer me on and just be my friend.  Even without actually being in the same room I felt their hugs around me, their tears running down their faces and their whispers of love and encouragement.  You have all helped me get to this phase of my life and I don’t know what I would have done without every one of you behind me. You are cherished friends, beautiful souls who deserve all the best health and happiness for your families and know that I am ALWAYS behind each of you when you need me to be.  Thank you all.

Goodbye 2012 . . . Happy New Year 2013 !

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