Surviving Life's Lessons

October 27, 2012

Another Candle . . . another path

It’s only been a day since starting this blog and I’m still figuring things out while learning.  One thing that I have figured out is that I have choices.  Every choice we make takes us on a different path, it may lead to the same end but the experience will be different.  When that experience is over, that candle goes out but another is waiting, brightly lit, to take you on yet another path.  Like a beacon those new candles guide us though our lives paths allowing us to be everything we were meant to become.  We can’t change where we came from.  Everybody has had a difficult path during some point in their life.  Some experienced it earlier than others and probably felt life was unfair.  I recall several times being jealous, envious and angry because I didn’t feel as fortunate as other people.  Perhaps those were the emotions I needed to learn in order to appreciate who I was and what I had right in front of me.  For me, the longest path is learning to love myself first.  I cannot move forward toward anything else if I can’t love myself first.  How can I teach my children these lessons if I haven’t learned them?  So I will follow this candle and see where it takes me, what I’m going to learn and hopefully, it will light my  way to healing.

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